Trans Surgery Grant Application

Surgery grant applications closed till May 2018 for granting November 2018.


Thanks for your interest in the Rizi Timane Annual Transgender Grant. Please send in a letter so Rizi can hear a bit of your story/journey and explain why you need the help. All letters are personally read by Rizi but only those chosen for the scholarship will be responded to due to the the sheer volume of applications and time needed to respond to every single person. Congrats to all Recipients: Niko from CHLA in Los Angeles, Hayden from New York, Alexandra G, and M.Jones from LA (2016 recipient)! Please note that if you are selected as a recipient, you must provide proof of your eligibility for HRT or Surgery from your Therapists and/or Doctors. The WPATH guidelines are considered in the remitting of scholarship funds. Thank you!

2017 Recipients honored on 11/17/2017