Rizi Xavier Timane is a female-to-male transgender singer, actor and trans-specialist coach who advocates for transgender rights. He recently completed filming on the Emmy winning show, Venice-the series, the amazon documentary series, Outrageous, as well as a recurring role on Decker unclassified which airs on Adult swim Network. He is also set to appear in an action comedy with action star, Danny Trejo and an upbeat comedy film with Romany Malco in 2018.  

Rizi Xavier’s memoir “An Unspoken compromise-My story of Gender and Spiritual Transition” detailing his discovery at 8 years old that he was trans, the trouble it caused within his christian family, his eventual decision to transition in his 30’s and their eventual reconciliation, is an amazon best-selling memoir. Rizi Xavier’s songs feature positive lyrics that encourage the LGBT community to live authentically no matter what. He has performed at over 40 pride festivals and LGBT events in the USA and Europe. His last single, “Feels good to be free” featuring trans star, Miss Candis Cayne went viral on youtube in 2016 and his latest “Trump response” single “Love is all we need” is already garnering more than a million views and on Youtube.

Rizi  Xavier is the first trans-man to be featured in an April 2017 issue of Forbes magazine.  In June 2018, Rizi Xavier is scheduled to deliver a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York about his life experience being a trans person of color and an immigrant. Most importantly, Rizi Xavier believes in giving back, therefore a portion of all sales from his music and book go towards funding the “Rizi Timane annual Transgender surgery Scholarship”, a scholarship through which he has personally paid for several trans surgeries for those without adequate insurance coverage. To learn more about Rizi Xavier, please visit his website