Trans Coaching/Training

***Please be advised that there is currently a waiting list of about 60 days. Rizi strives to give each client his undivided attention hence, he only takes on a few clients at any given time. Do get in touch through the contact link/form and he will let you know how soon you can start sessions. Thanks for understanding***

Rizi has been an LGBT specialist life coach and affirming LGBT minister since 2007. He is also a certified Grief Recovery counselor and a pre-licensed psychotherapist working towards his LCSW licensure. Several years ago, he founded The Happy Transgender Center to provide much needed support to Trans individuals and their families during the transition process.

As a Trans-man himself whose journey began at 8 years old, he is in a unique position to understand and empathize with you as you go through your own personal journey of self discovery. Rizi’s journey has been interesting to say the least- it involved religion based abuse, “exorcisms to pray the trans away”, bullying and suicidal ideation, but it is also ultimately a story with a happy ending.

“I discovered who I really am, have been able to educate my family on trans issues leading to a great family relationship and I have also enjoyed the privilege of  having all the surgeries that I decided I desired as part of my personal transition (I acknowledge not all trans persons desire surgery but I personally did), so all in all, my story is a happy one, hence The Happy Transgender Center.” Rizi Timane

Rizi’s hope is that together, you can work on your individual and family needs as you explore your gender identity and possibly begin or continue on your own transition journey.

Coming Out: Perhaps You’re ready to come out and you have some questions and concerns.
You may be asking yourself…how do I come out? Who do I tell first? How will they react? Is it safe to come out yet?
Or perhaps you have just come out and need to talk about what is next for you as you begin to live your life as your authentic self.
Maybe you have come out and are experiencing negative feelings surrounding how someone close reacted.
Or perhaps you are in the closet and have no intention of coming out anytime soon but you need a safe and confidential space to air your feelings?
Whatever the case may be, Rizi has worked with Trans youth, Trans adults and entire families surrounding coming out and how to navigate corresponding scenarios such as coming out at school, bathroom/locker room issues, school sports team transitioning, coming out at work, coming out as a family to other relatives/friends, and so much more…

He is here to listen, support you and guide you to your own solutions and conclusions.

Gender Transition: Rizi has coached and supported clients as they navigate name and gender marker changes, hormone therapy and surgeries. He can provide such support and assistance to you as well. He is able to write PhD letters as per WPATH guidelines for those going for surgery and he also has a wide network of caregivers including surgeons, endocrinologists, Psychologists and other therapists that he can refer you to as needed.

Spiritual: After enduring many years of being told that God/Source was opposed to him being LGBT identified and undergoing numerous exorcisms to pray the trans away, Rizi embarked on a spiritual journey to discover where he really stood with God or Source. After many years of studying religion, the bible and attending seminary, Rizi was delighted to discover that God/Source is accepting of all people, LGBT persons included.  He established Rizi Timane Ministries as the spiritual arm of the Happy Transgender Center in order to help LGBT people who have experienced religion based abuse.  This form of abuse is very real and is extremely damaging and devastating for those who have to suffer through it. As a Jesusian minister and humanist,  Rizi is available to help you on your spiritual journey or to work on healing wounds caused by religion based abuse.

Sessions are held in Person, by Skype or by Phone.

Sessions are $200 per hour and a sliding scale is available as needed.

Diversity Training for Corporations, agencies and other establishments is also available (pricing varies but ranges from $1500 to $8500 depending on agency training needs):

More and more Transgender adults are coming out in the Workplace. Companies Need to Be Prepared and Proactive as the Workplace Dynamic Has Changed and the cost of NOT dealing with it could cost companies millions.
The main problem is when people are transitioning.  This is where the biggest conflict and fear of the unknown shows up. Workplace bullying and retaliation can take place.

Company Diversity training is part of the answer.

Rizi is certified by the Center to provide training to your agency/organization. A certificate of completion is issued at the end of the training.

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