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Dr. Rizi Nasele Bamaiyi Timane LCSW, DSW is an entertainer, Actor and Trans-specialist educator...

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Now more than ever, it’s important for us to be open-minded and wiling to accept others just the way they are...

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Rizi's acting career is also thriving and includes a guest star role on the Emmy Winning Venice-The Series...

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Meet Rizi


Dr. Rizi Nasele Bamaiyi Timane LCSW, DSW, is an entertainer, a licensed psychotherapist, and a Certified Trans-sensitivity and Diversity Trainer who advocates for transgender rights. In June 2018, he spoke at the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Summit on the need for greater trans awareness and trans workplace advocacy. Rizi is the recipient of the 2019 Transgender Visibility Award, which was presented to him at City Hall by Congressman Mitch O’Farrell and the City of Los Angeles Transgender Advisory Council. Rizi has worked within the trans community in various affirming roles since 2007. His prior work includes being a trans minister, an affirming LGBTQI psychotherapist at the L.A. LGBT Center, and prior service as the Associate Director of the nation’s largest transgender health program at St. John’s Well Child and Family Clinic in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Rizi Timane Is Helping the Transgender Community, 1 Surgery at a Time

Rizi Timane wants to help every transgender person in the world — and […]

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Live Love Thrive!

Live love thrive with Catherine gray on 360 Karma UBN TV  

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Trump administration continues attack on Transgender Rights

The article in front of me landed in my newsfeed with a […]

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PROUD OF US: 50 years of pride

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