Holistically Empowering the Transgender Community – Rizi Timane Psychotherapy and Consulting

Holistically Empowering the Transgender Community – Rizi Timane Psychotherapy and Consulting

Even when it comes to gaining psychological assistance, which every transgender person needs at some point, there is a high rate of disappointment or misdiagnosis, only giving rise to further problems. In fact, the approval of a psychologist is necessary when one wants to opt for the gender reassignment surgery so the mental health sector plays a crucial role towards ensuring the wellbeing of the trans community.

A lot of the help offered comes from an outsider’s perspective and there’s very few individuals or businesses facilitating the journey who actually know what it’s like to be trans.

And that’s a gap that Rizi Timane Psychotherapy and Consulting is filling in. With high quality services catered to the specific needs of the transgender community, the business acts as a safe haven where people can feel secure and understood.

Founded by a transgender man himself, Rizi Timane, there’s an added feel of security for the clients knowing that they aren’t just talking to a mental health expert but also someone who shares the same journey as them.

Gender identity counseling and sexual orientation therapy are two of the toughest areas to cater to in the psychological realm. There’s so much that’s still unknown, and in the past, a lot that has gone wrong as well, which makes this a very sensitive and tender spot to cater to.

But that’s also exactly why Rizi Timane Psychotherapy and Consulting is able to provide the right services. Having earned a Doctorate in Social Work from the University of Southern California and being awarded the Transgender Visibility Award, presented by Congressman Mitch O’Farell at the Los Angeles City Hall for his outstanding contributions to the community, the founder Rizi Timane is a mental health expert who’s able to build that connection with his clients. And with a team of experts supporting the venture, struggling transgender individuals, especially teens, are able to gain access to a healthy environment where they’re able to holistically deal with the problems faced in daily life.

Having the right kind of psychological help available is the best way to facilitate the trans community and provide them the support that they so direly need. The major reason why same-sex couples and homosexual individuals are able to live happy and healthy lives today are because of the support system that they’ve been able to build and that’s what needs to be the focus for the trans community as well by bringing counseling centers such as the Rizi Timane Psychotherapy and Consulting to the forefront.